A Message from the President

The Thyroid Foundation of Canada was founded in 1980 by Diana Meltzer Abramsky who suffered from Graves’ Disease and wanted to make sure that other thyroid patients were able to access information and get the medical care they needed.

Almost thirty-five years later, TFC continues to provide information to thyroid patients, their families, and the general public through this website, our series of Health Guides on Thyroid Disease and other educational material, a toll-free telephone service, and TFC’s official newsletter, Thyrobulletin.

As the holiday season approaches, we are launching our 4th annual Let’s Light-a-Tree for the Holidays! campaign. We hope you will join us and make a donation so that TFC can continue its essential programs. Just like Diana, think of the many other patients who still need access to information and good medical care. To those who have donated in the past, we thank you with deep gratitude. We couldn’t do this without you!

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday,

Donna Miniely


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Thyroid Function in Health & Psychiatric Disorders
Summary of a presentation made by
Dr. George Awad at TFC Forum, Toronto,
May 31, 2014

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Diana's Wishes

• I wish for earlier diagnosis and treatment of thyroid gland malfunction.

• I wish for improved doctor/patient communication vis-à-vis understanding thyroid disease and treatment.

• I wish for more thyroid clinics across Canada where, without referrals, people could have their symptoms evaluated by thyroid specialists.

• I wish hypothyroid screening, which has helped prevent mental retardation in infants, would be expanded to include adolescents and adults in high risk cases.

• I wish thyroid research were not so seriously underfunded; that it would become a more visible target for private donations and bequests, as well as corporate and government funding.

• I wish the cost effectiveness of government-sponsored thyroid education update programs, for health care professionals, would be realized.

Diana's wishes cont...

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