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The Thyroid Foundation of Canada is a leader in providing thyroid related information and services.

Volunteers are needed for our National Board and our Help Line Support.

Here are some areas where you can help:

• Director, Education and

• Director, Fundraising
• Director, Public Relations
• Secretary
• Thyroid Help Line Support

Contact: or call: 1-800-267-8822.

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The Thyroid Foundation of Canada welcomes a new addition to the National Board - Andrew Rouchotas.

Andrew Rouchotas founded Cartika in 1999, since then serving as CEO. For 20 years he has been an industry pioneer in developing and delivering Cloud and Internet business services. His passion extends beyond internet computing to an active sporting life including hockey, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

As a Graves Disease survivor, Andrew is thankful to join the Board of the Thyroid Foundation of Canada, hoping to leverage his leadership in cloud computing and the development of Big Data analysis to raise awareness of thyroid conditions. Shuttling between Cartika's Dallas and Toronto offices, Andrew maintains a strong family focus on his wife, darling daughter and two large, unruly dogs.

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Do you have thyroid disease? Does someone you know have thyroid disease?

Many out there are desperately looking for answers – we are trying to be a source of assistance to them.

Donations no matter how big or how small help to:
  • Deliver programs and assist with research.
  • Provide up to date medical information on the various types of thyroid diseases.
  • Produce our newsletter, Thyrobulletin, containing up to date articles on issues regarding thyroid disease and TFC activities.
  • Reach those in remote areas where the internet is not so accessible.

Please help us continue our work of Thyroid Awareness, Support and Research.

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What do you know about TSH testing?

TSH testing is used to:
  • Diagnose a thyroid disorder in a person with symptoms
  • Screen newborns for an underactive thyroid
  • Monitor thyroid replacement therapy in people with hypothyroidism
  • Monitor anti-thyroid treatment in people with hyperthyroidism
  • Help diagnose and monitor infertility problems in women
  • Help evaluate the function of the pituitary gland (occasionally)
  • Screen adults for thyroid disorders, although expert opinions vary on who can benefit from screening and at what age to begin


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