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Desiccated Thyroid®

Thyroid 30 mg is now available.
Thyroid 60 mg is currently on back order and should be available June 30th.
Thyroid 125 mg will be available this week, by Thursday, June 8.

The 500 package size has been discontinued but the 100 package is available.

Canadian doctors first to implant cancer patients' thyroids in their arms

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June is Thyroid Month

Let's Talk Thyroid:

As Many as 50% of Individuals Go Undiagnosed

June is Thyroid Awareness Month in Canada

Are you familiar with the small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the base of your neck...

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Do you have a healthy thyroid?
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Hypothyroidism vs Hyperthyroidism

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Common symptoms of thyroid disease

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Thyroid disease and pregnancy

What if my child has thyroid disease?

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Thyroid disease in childhood

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How common are thyroid problems in older people?
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How does thyroid disease affect the eyes?

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Thyroid eye disease

Thyroid cancer - the good cancer?

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Thyroid cancer

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