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Health Guides on Thyroid Disease

Bulk orders of our series of Health Guides on Thyroid Disease are available to healthcare professionals. To order, please send mailing address with quantity required: Order Health Guides

Production of the printed version of the Health Guides was made possible through partial funding assistance from Health Canada. The views expressed in the Health Guides are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official policy of Health Canada.

  1. Thyroid Disease: Know the Facts
  2. Thyroid Disease... Overview of thyroid function
  3. To Confirm the Clinical Diagnosis
  4. Hypothyroidism
  5. Thyroid Nodules
  6. Thyroiditis
  7. Hyperthyroidism (Thyrotoxicosis)
  8. Graves' Eye Disease (Ophthalmopathy)
  9. Thyroid Disease, Pregnancy & Fertility
  10. Thyroid Disease in Childhood
  11. Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Disease
  12. Thyroid Cancer

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