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Laz Bouros

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Thyroid Foundation of Canada



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Work from home.


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March 30, 2018.


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Director, Public Relations


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Volunteering activities will be primarily performed from the volunteer’s home using their own computer.  (The interview will be done by telephone unless the volunteer is located in Ottawa.)


Description of position


Founded in Kingston in 1980, the Thyroid Foundation of Canada (TFC) is a non-profit registered volunteer organization whose mission is to support thyroid patients across Canada through awareness, education, and research.    TFC is managed by a National Board of Directors and has chapter organizations across Canada to provide local support for Thyroid patients.  It is estimated that 200 million people in the world have some form of thyroid disease.  In Canada, one in ten Canadians suffers from a thyroid condition of one type or another.


The Board of Directors recently completed a five year Strategic Plan to assist the Foundation in becoming a leader in providing thyroid related information and services to members and patients.  An expanded National Board Organization structure was created with seven new functional directors to help TFC transition over the years to having a full operational capability.  The new functional directors will spend half their time on board related activities and the other half on activities related to their functional area.

The Director, Public Relations, reports to the President of the Thyroid Foundation. 


This position provides a great opportunity for someone who has some experience in public relations and enjoys working with a variety of activities to help manage TFC’s public relations program.  The Director conducts long-term planning for public relations and advocacy for thyroid awareness, stakeholder development and new membership recruitment and develops PR campaigns and media relations strategies.  He/she prepares press releases, keynote speeches and promotional material and builds positive relationships with stakeholders, media and the public.  He/she develops public relations materials for the Thyroid Website, Thyrobulletin, social media, etc.; engages in public speaking activities as required; and defines and implement annual public relations and advocacy activities in the Operations Plan.


As a regular board member, participates in meetings, teleconferences and Annual General Meeting, discusses policy issues, direction, performance and review financial data, supports the Foundation’s Core Values and abides by its Code of Conduct.


Skills required for this position include:

·        Experience in public relations and advocacy including planning and implementing PR activities

·        Experience with board related activities – policy development, presentations and financial reviews

·        Knowledge of thyroid disease or experience with thyroid patients an asset

·        Fluency in French an asset

·        Passionate about making a difference - outgoing, social, likes to engage with people

·        Goal-oriented

·        Enjoys working with a team

An orientation presentation to TFC will be provided.  The position provides access to the Foundation’s resources and Medical Advisor.  Approved operational expenses are reimbursed.  There are opportunities to attend thyroid related conferences (relevant to TFC organization).  The Director has an opportunity to gain management experience - leadership, event planning, advertising, social media, budgeting, etc. and liaise with stakeholders – i.e. medical community, government, corporations, associations, etc.


Time Commitment


Two hours per week.


Duration (one-time/ongoing/short term)


Commit to an initial appointment to the Board of one year (as per TFC By-Laws).


Age requirements




Transportation requirements (car required?)


Access to a computer is required.  Board meetings are conducted either via teleconferencing or require travel, usually to Toronto or Ottawa, once or twice a year.  Approved travel expenses are reimbursed.

Skills List 


You may only choose 5

  Creative Thinking

  Decision Making/Prioritizing

  Motivate Others

  Problem Solving


  Strategic Thinking

  Thought Leadership (Innovation)





 Managing Money


You may only choose 5


 Change Management

 Community Knowledge/Awareness

 Manage Meetings & Groups

 Needs Assessment

 Plan & Co-ordinate

 Project Management

 Systems Thinking

 Time Management


 Computer Skills

 Process Management

 Web Design

Personal Qualities

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  Continuous Learning


  Ethical Framework






You may only choose 5

  Communicate in Plain   Language

  Conflict Resolution

  Facilitation and Training

  Interpersonal Communication

  Public and Media Relations

  Public Speaking/Presentation Skills


  Verbal Communication

  Written Communication


You may only choose 5








 Event Management

 Financial Planning

 Fund Development

 Resource Management


You may only choose 5



  Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity

  Customer Service


  Team Building